KAL Update: Two down, one to go

After participating in two knit-alongs (KALs) so far this year, I found my (latest) calling. I like being part of a virtual community in which everyone knits together and shares their experiences online. KALs are fun, and they help motivate me to finish projects quickly.

With the Downton Abbey KAL, everyone followed the same pattern, one clue at a time, over the course of Season 4. I never knit a pattern exactly as written, and this project was no exception. I learned from other knitters’ comments, which they posted on ravelry.com in the KAL forum, that the shawl would have been too shallow for my taste — more of a scarf than a shawl — so I added length to the back using short-rows. (Details can be found on my project page. Ravelry membership required; free to join.) Here’s how it looks:

Downton Abbey ShawlThe 2014 Ravellenic Winter Games were more suited to my tendency to knit “off-road.” So long as my project fit the criteria for an event, I could make any garment I wanted. The only rules were to cast on during the opening ceremonies of the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics and to finish by the closing ceremonies. I challenged myself to complete an alpaca arm-warmer (the second in a set).

Alpaca Arm-Warmer

I did it in record time for me — just 10 days — and earned my first Ravellenics medal in the Cable Cross-Country event.


With two KALs down, I’ve got one to go. I just signed up for the Udina KAL. It’s a top-down pullover sweater, knit in the round on circular needles. Designed by Norah Gaughan — one of my faves — there’s an interesting cable down the front that will keep things interesting. I’ve got six weeks to go — plenty of time to make this and a few baby gifts, too.

What’s on your needles? Happy knitting!

2 thoughts on “KAL Update: Two down, one to go

  1. SusanMacL Post author

    Thanks, Cindy. It’s always gratifying when someone loves the finished product. Once I got the hang of knitting with alpaca (different from merino!), they went pretty fast.


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